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Information about placeholder in CyberWorldReset

The ability to add external (other plugin's) placeholders to lang.yml strings is possible. Please review this article on how to add them.

CyberWorldReset also contains it's own external placeholder (PlaceholderAPI) that can be used in other plugins. See the table below for a list of available placeholders. The video below is an example of %cwr_reset_status_<world>%

  • Placeholder
  • %cwr_reset_status_<world>%
  • %cwr_reset_status%
  • %cwr_chunk_radius%
  • %cwr_chunk_diameter%
  • %cwr_chunk_area%
  • %cwr_tps%
  • %cwr_remaining_time_<world>%
  • %cwr_remaining_seconds_<world>%
  • %cwr_remaining_chunks_<world>%
  • %cwr_loaded_chunks_<world>%
  • %cwr_reset_percent_<world>%
  • Description
  • Specific world reset status
  • Next world reset status
  • Radius of chunk loading as set in config
  • Diameter of chunk loading as set in config
  • Area of chunk loading as set in config
  • Instantaneous TPS of the server
  • Remaining time until next reset
  • Remaning seconds until next reset
  • Remaning chunks to load
  • Amount of chunks already loaded
  • Percent of loading completed

Setting up a world config