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Configurations - lang.yml

Message configuration for CWR


You can customize the messages to any language you want. Keep in mind lang.yml is both backwards and forwards compatible. Below are some premade configuration files.

More translations are coming soon. If you would like to translate, reach out to Kihsomray on Discord or Spigot.


Messages can be a tedious process to configure to your liking. A suggestions would be to use a text editor like Visual Studio Code (free). Functions like ctrl+f can be helpful to locate specific keywords and quickly change them. If you want to change multiple strings, you can use the replace tool VS Code has built-in.

Translating an entire config can take time, this is why we recommend using a translator like DeepL, one of the most accurate free translators currently available.

Formatting Messages

Sometimes there can be a message you do not want your players to see. You can prevent a message (or prefix) from being sent by leaving an empty string. Other times you want to send a mutli-line message. This can be done (in the premium edition) by using /n (new line character) or changing the string into a list (look at admin-help as an example).


The available internal placeholders are all (usually) already listed within the default messages. The only exception is those that have a comment around them (observe placeholder-api section).

External placeholders (PlaceholderAPI) may be used throughout most of the lang.yml file, with the exception being the placeholder-api and time section.

Default Configuration

Version 0.6.1

  prefix: '&b&lCyber&f&lWorldReset &8»&r'
  no-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission to do that!'
    - '&8&m―――――&8<&b&l Cyber&f&lWorldReset &8>&8&m―――――'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr about &fAbout the plugin.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr help &fSee the help menu.'
    - '&8&m―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――'
    - '&8&m―――――&8<&b&l Cyber&f&lWorldReset &8>&8&m―――――'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr about &fAbout the plugin.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr help &fSee the help menu.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr reload &fReload the plugin.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr confirm &fConfirm an action.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr reset [<world>] &fRegenerate a world.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr save [<world>] &fBackup a world.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr create [<world>] &fCreate a world setup.'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr info [<world>] &fInfo about world setup.'
    - '&8&m―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――'
    - '&8➼ &b/cwr edit <world> <setting> <value> &fAdjust a setting.'
    - '&7Please visit the Spigot page for details on editing'
    - '&7a world setup or use TAB-complete!'
    - '&8&m―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――'

  # global
  kick-reason: '&cThe world "{world}" is regenerating! Please join back momentarily.'
  still-regenerating: '&cA world is in the process of being reset. Please join back momentarily.'
  cancel-teleport: '&cThe world "{world}" is regenerating! You cannot teleport there right now.'
  teleporting-safe-world: '&7This world is resetting, teleporting you to the safe world...'
  teleported-safe-world: '&aYou have been teleported to the safe world!'
  teleporting-back: '&7Teleporting you back to world "{world}"...'
  teleported-back: '&aYou have successfully been teleported back!'

  # admin
  reloading: '&7Reloading...'
  reloaded: '&aReloaded!'
  default-world-fail: '&cThe world "{world}" is a default world (! This world cannot be reset!'
  world-not-exist: '&cThe world "{world}" does not exist!'
  same-world-fail: '&cYou cannot set the safe world to be the same as the world you''re resetting ("{world}")!'
  unload-failed: '&cThe world "{world}" failed to unload!'
  already-resetting: '&cThe world "{world}" is already resetting!'
  resetting-error: '&cA world is being reset. This action cannot be completed.'
  safeworld-not-set: '&cPlease set a safe world before enabling the safe world option (&7/cwr edit {world} setSafeWorld <world>&c).'
  invalid-safeworld: '&cThe world cannot be reset with the safe world "{safeWorld}"! Please adjust it (&7/cwr {world} edit setSafeWorld <world>&c).'
  setup-created: '&aThe world setup "{world}" has been created! Don''t forget to edit/enable it!'
  setup-already-exists: '&cThe world setup "{world}" already exists! Edit it using &a/cwr edit <world>  &7.'
  no-setups-found: '&cNo world setups found. Create one with &7/cwr create [<world>]&c.'
  setup-doesnt-exist: '&cThe world setup "{world}" does not exist!'
  saving-world: '&aAttempting to save the world "{world}".'
  save-failed: '&cThe world "{world}" failed to save!'
  save-success: '&aThe world "{world}" has been saved!'
  regen-success: '&aThe world "{world}" has been successfully reset!'
  no-saves: '&cThis world has not yet been saved. Save it using &7/cwr save [<world>]&c.'
  not-enabled: '&cThis world has not yet been enabled. Enable it using &7/cwr edit {world} setEnabled true&c.'
  no-messages-found: '&cNo messages found, please add one first.'
  invalid-index: '&cThat is an invalid index, please use a number in the range {min} - {max}.'
  file-delete-failed: '&cThe world "{world}" failed to delete!'
  world-create-failed: '&cThe world "{world}" failed to save to the file!'
  rolling-back-world: '&aAttempting to rollback the world "{world}".'
  rollback-failed: '&cThe world "{world}" failed to roll back!'
  rollback-success: '&aThe world "{world}" has been rolled back! Now loading the world...'
  confirm-regen: '&7Please confirm that you would like to regenerate "{world}" with &a/cwr confirm &7within {time}.'
  confirmation-needed: '&cYou have already run this command. Please use &7/cwr confirm &cto regenerate!'
  confirmation-completed: '&aWorld regeneration has been confirmed for "{world}"!'
  confirmation-expired: '&cConfirmation for regenerating "{world}" has expired!'
  confirmation-not-required: '&cYou have nothing to confirm.'
  invalid-command: '&cIncorrect use of arguments!'
  setting-set-failed: '&cFailed to write the setting to the world config.'
  setting-set-success: '&aThe setting has been updated successfully.'
  custom-generator-warning: '&6Please make sure to add this generator to bukkit.yml, otherwise chunks can get messy after a reboot.'

  # info strings
  info-header: '&8&m―――――&8<&b&l {world} &8>&8&m―――――'
  info-enabled: '&fEnabled: &7{boolean}'
  info-last-saved: '&fLast Saved: &7{boolean}'
  info-seed: '&fSeed: &7{seed}'
  info-generator: '&fGenerator: &7{generator}'
  info-environment: '&fEnvironment: &7{environment}'
    - 'Basic Info'
    - 'Timers'
    - 'Messages'
    - 'Safe World'
    - 'Warnings'
    - '  Times'
    - 'Commands'
  info-list-header: '&b{header}:'
  info-list-format: '&8  ➼ &f{id}: &7{value}'
  info-safe-world-enabled: '&f  Enabled: &7{enabled}'
  info-safe-world-world: '&f  World: &7{world}'
  info-safe-world-delay: '&f  Delay: &7{delay}'
  info-safe-world-spawn: '&f  Spawn: &7{spawn}'
  info-warning: '&f  Enabled: &7{enabled}'
  info-title: '&f  Title: &7{title}'
  info-subtitle: '&f  Subtitle: &7{subtitle}'
  info-footer: '&8&m―――――――――――――――――――――――――'

  # world list strings
  list-header: '&8&m―――――&8<&b&l Worlds &8>&8&m―――――'
  list-info: '&8➼ &b{world} &7- Enabled: &f{enabled}'
  list-footer: '&8&m―――――――――――――――――――――――――'

 # time formats
  days: '&a{time} Day(s)'
  hours: '&a{time} Hour(s)'
  minutes: '&a{time} Minute(s)'
  seconds: '&a{time} Second(s)'
  splitter: '&a, '

    countdown: '&aReset in: {formattedTime}'
    # internal placeholders: {seconds} {formattedTime} {world}
    no-running-timers: '&cNo running timers' # {world}
    initializing: '&6Initializing...' # {world}
    starting: '&eStarting...' # {world}
    progress: '&aETA: {formattedTime} ({chunkNumber}/{chunkTotal}) [{percent}%]'
    # internal placeholders: {seconds} {formattedTime} {percent} {tps} {chunkNumber} {chunkTotal} {world}
    finishing: '&aFinishing...' # {world}
    invalid-world: '&cInvalid world' # {world}