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Configurations - config.yml

General configuration options for CWR

Default Configuration

Version 0.6.1


  # should admins be forced to confirm before resetting a world?
    enabled: true
    seconds: 15

  # should the world save before resetting?
  save-world-before-reset: false

  # STANDARD - only loads in spawn chunks.
  # Not recommended, drops TPS and lags players.

  # ULTRA-SAFE - loads in chunks, over a long period of time.
  # Recommended for low-end CPUS or large amounts of players.

  # SAFE - loads in chunks, over a longer period of time.
  # Recommended for low/mid-end CPUS or large amounts of players.

  # NORMAL - loads in chunks, over an 'average' period of time.
  # Recommended for mid-end CPUS or medium amounts of players.

  # FAST - loads in chunks, over a faster period of time.
  # Recommended for high-end CPUS or small amounts of players.

  # ULTRA-FAST - force loads chunks when the player teleports there.
  # Recommended for top-notch CPUs or very small amounts of players.
  loading-type: NORMAL

  # Radius of loading if FAST, NORMAL, SAFE or ULTRA-SAFE is
  # enabled. If larger than server view/render distance in
  #, then will override.
  loading-radius: 3

  # After rebooting or timers resetting, what delay should there
  # be until timers are initialized again?
  timer-load-delay: 10

  # How many ticks after teleporting/kicking players should
  # the world start to reset? At least 10 ticks is recommended.
  world-reset-delay: 15

  # interval between recursive teleports, and whether the chunks
  # should be loaded right before the player gets teleported.
    tick-interval: 3

  # Sends a detailed, spaced out message during chunk loading.
  # NOTE: not supported on LEGACY versions.
  detailed-messages: true

  # Fixes glitch in legacy versions 1.8 and 1.9 where a player
  # suffocates in a block when teleported to the world.
  fix-suffocation-teleport-1_8-1_9: true

    # If enabled, when a world is reset, all regions will be deleted.
    world-guard-delete: false

    # If enabled, will make sure warps are saved.
    save-cmi-warps: true

  # updates the config every time you update. Prior strings will
  # remain the same! NOTE: disabling this will leave new settings
  # as default and new lang string won't send.
    config: true
    lang: true

  lang: 'en'
  # en = english (default), es = español, ru = русский.