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Advanced Features

How to configure/utilize advanced features in CyberWorldReset Premium

WARNING: Some features (like custom loading types) can cause errors if improperly configured. Feel free to reach out on Discord if you have any questions.

CWR has additional features that might be of interest to you.

Nether/end portal linking

Portals can be linked for every world on your server in config.yml or for a specific world under a world configuration in worlds.yml.

  • world_from - refers to the world the portal is in.
  • world_to - refers to the world the player should be teleported to.
In config.yml

Under the section config.portal-linking.nether-portal and config.portal-linking.end-portal you can add a list item in the format world_from:world_to. If you want to completely link two worlds, you would need to add two entries: one for each world.


  # Relink portals to send to the proper world.

      - world_from:world_to

      - world_from:world_to
In worlds.yml

If you want one way portals from a world that has a configuration, you can set worlds.<world>.nether-portal-world.<world to> and worlds.<world>.end-portal-world.<world to> to the name of the world you want to teleport to.


    # When you enter a nether portal in this world, what world should you teleport to?
    nether-portal-world: world_to

    # When you enter an end portal in this world, what world should you teleport to?
    end-portal-world: world_to

Custom generators
Using a scheduler