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CyberWorldReset Premium - Home

This document covers the setup and options of the plugin CyberWorldReset Premium

Upgrading from CWR Free? Simply replace your jar file- CWR will automatically convert them to the new version!

Restore/reset worlds at specific times without kicking players from the server! No need to go through the hassle of resetting your worlds manually anymore. Features (Premium Edition) include:

  • 1.13 - 1.18.x Spigot/Paper Support
  • Simple to Use/Set-up - Quickly set up and edit world configurations with commands or in the worlds.yml file. Tab complete will help you quickly set-up/edit a world configuration.
  • GUI Interface - Easily & Quickly configure, reset, and save a world from a clean in-game menu.
  • Scheduled Backups - Backup your world at specific time to safeguard progress.
  • Fully Custom Loading - Edit specific worlds to reset at speeds your server can handle. Useful for developers.
  • Random Teleport - Randomly teleport your players after a reset or using a command.
  • Extra Lang Customization - Add line breaks and gradients to your lang.yml strings!
  • WorldGuard Regions - Save specific regions that will be saved after the reset!
  • Backups - Back your world up to restore it later for a fresh start!
  • Scheduled Resets - Schedule specific time(s) you want your world(s) to reset. No need to manually do so! Intervals are supported too!
  • Fast - Plugin attempts to use minimal ram/memory. Data is saved to cache and quickly accessed when needed.
  • Optimizable - Tailor how chunks are loaded to your CPU power or player amount. Minimal TPS drop with 'recursive' chunk loading.
  • Uninterrupted Experience - Continue playing on the server while the world is resetting with little to no TPS drop/lag - just send all your players to a safe world while the world resets.
  • Configurable - Prevent accidental world resets by confirming your command.
  • Fully Custom lang.yml - Customize all messages to any language or your liking!
  • Auto-Update Configs - Configurations automatically adjust themselves with each update! No need to redo your configuration files for every update.
  • Java 8+ Support - Supports Java 8 and newer versions (including Java 11 and 16).
  • Support - Quick to fix any issues present or help with your query. Join our Discord server and get support ASAP!

This plugin does not depend on any other plugin. However, if you would like to manage your worlds, you need (and we highly suggest) Multiverse.

NOTE: This wiki is for version 1.1.5 and later. Older versions are not supported, please stay up to date.

Getting Started