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CyberStatistics - Home

This document covers the setup and options of the plugin CyberStatistics

CyberStatistics allows you to transfer placeholders between servers through SQL. You can set update intervals and have unlimited server and player placeholders! It is very useful if you want to display player statistics in something like a lobby server.

This is a plugin I have been searching for some time. Since I could not find anything like it, I decided to code it myself.

CyberStatistics requires PlaceholderAPI and MySQL/MariaDB. All setup instructions are within the files. A detailed wiki is in the progress and will be available very soon!​


  • 1.7.10 - 1.18.x Spigot/Paper Supported.
  • MySQL Support - Save player data in a SQL database, useful for multi-server networks. MySQL is required. Tested on MySQL 10.4 and MariaDB 10.6. Some versions of SQL may not work.
  • Backups - Back your world up to restore it later for a fresh start!
  • Custom Update Intervals - Update the placeholders in the MySQL database at any interval you set.
  • Unlimited Placeholders - If it's an existing placeholder, then it can be used. There are no limits on how many you can use!
  • Formulas - Use math functions to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform trig functions, etc.
  • Per Player Data - Includes the ability to save data per player and per server.
  • Player UUIDs - Data is saved by a player's UUID so if a player changes their name, it won't make a difference.
  • Fast/Efficient - Tasks are performed in a way where no lag can occur (async).
  • HEX/Gradient - Add gradient/hex to placeholders and messages.
  • Auto-Update Configs - Configurations automatically adjust themselves with each update! No need to redo your configuration files for every update.
  • Java 1.8+ Support - Supports Java 8 and newer versions (including Java 11 and 16).
  • Support - Quick to fix any issues present or help with your query. Join our Discord server and get support ASAP!
  • CyberStats need MySQL/MariaDB (recommended newest versions) to work!

    NOTE: This wiki is for version 0.1.2 and later. Older versions are not supported, please stay up to date.

Getting Started