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CyberStatistics - Data layout

Basically some FAQs about the data layout, how to use it correctly and some troubleshooting

Quick FAQ

  • What is a "formula"?

    If you want to merge your placeholders (divide, multiply, subtract, etc.), you should leave the formula set to true otherwise it will behave like a basic placeholder that doesn't need math operations.

Math operations

  • Operation type
  • +
  • -
  • x
  • /
  • Operation name
  • Addition (plus)
  • Subtraction (minus)
  • Multiplication
  • Division

Default values

You should want to set default values because they will be used when you don't specify them for the placeholder you want to store.


# By default, formulas are disabled.
formula: false

# By default, updates every 5 minutes.
update-interval: 6000

Accessing palceholders

To access placeholders from another server, you want to format it as %cst_<entry>_<entry-name>%. There are two types of entry and the entry name is specified by you in the data layout file (for example: lobby_economy equals to %cst_player_lobby_economy%.

Entry types:

  • player
  • server

Player placeholders

These placeholders depend on the player. The simple use is for some calculation or just obtaining money balance, etc.

Server placeholders

These types of placeholders do not depend on players. You can add there things like server uptime, online people, and other plugins' placeholders not depending on players.

Entry issues

If you want to share the value between servers, use the same entry name everywhere you want. If you don't want to share value from different servers, use a different entry name.

NOTE: This wiki is for version 0.1.2 and later. Older versions are not supported, please stay up to date.

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