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CyberStatistics - Data handling

How data handling works, understanding of data handling and examples

Data handling explanation by basic image made by Kihsomray

Understanding of data handling

Entries are essentially sets of data placed into a database. You have for example two types of entries:

  • player
  • server

Player entries are per player, so data is stored for every player. Server entries are more general entries, storing one piece of data for the server.

These entries can be set up with a formula (so you can perform computation with placeholders) or can just be a general placeholder.

You usually don’t want two servers sending the same entry, otherwise, they will override each other every time.

In order to access a specific entry, you need to use its correct CST placeholder, as described in data-layout.yml. If the data entry is under the player and is called skyblock_eco, you would access it using %cst_player_skyblock_eco%.

NOTE: This wiki is for version 0.1.2 and later. Older versions are not supported, please stay up to date.

Data handling
Data layout