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CyberLevels - Home

This document covers the setup and options of the plugin CyberLevels

A leveling system plugin with MySQL support. This plugin is inspired by the LevelPoints plugin by Zoon20X (not a fork). The plan is to add support for importing settings from LevelPoints to this plugin. Features include:

  • 1.8.8 - 1.18.x Spigot/Paper Support
  • MySQL - Save player data in a SQL database, useful for mutli-server networks. MySQL is not required. Tested on MySQL 10.4 and MariaDB 10.6. Some versions of SQL may not work.
  • Backups - Back your world up to restore it later for a fresh start!
  • Custom Rewards - Reward your players with whatever rewards you would like.
  • Multipliers - Give a player a multiplier with a simple permission node.
  • EXP Earn Events - Reward your players with exp for performing certain actions.
  • Anti-Abuse - Prevent your players from abusing the EXP earn events.
  • PlaceholderAPI - Easily display a player's level, exp, required exp, etc in other plugins (like a scoreboard).
  • Player UUIDs - Data is saved by a player's UUID so if a player changes their name, it won't make a difference.
  • Fast - Loads 1,000,000 levels in about half a second.
  • Custom Messages - Send a chat message, action bar, or title/subtitle!
  • HEX/Gradient - Send messages to players with a gradient/hex.
  • Auto-Update Configs - Configurations automatically adjust themselves with each update! No need to redo your configuration files for every update.
  • Java 1.8+ Support - Supports Java 8 and newer versions (including Java 11 and 16).
  • Support - Quick to fix any issues present or help with your query. Join our Discord server and get support ASAP!
  • This plugin does not depend on any other plugin.

    NOTE: This wiki is for version 0.3.4 and later. Older versions are not supported, please stay up to date.

Getting Started